An estimate is a listing of the charges or potential charges for requested moving services. There are three main types of estimates offered by Arpin of RI, nonbinding, firm binding, and not-to-exceed. All three of these estimate types use the same four component charges to determine the cost of an interstate move:

  1. The transportation charges which are based on the weight, distance, origin location, and destination location.
  2. The packing charges (if any) which can be based on the shipments weight (CWT) if a full pack is requested or based on the number and type of carton if a partial pack is requested.
  3. The auxiliary charges (if any) which are typically based on the weight of the shipment (CWT) and the locale where the service takes place. Some auxiliary charges are based on an hourly rate.
  4.  The valuation charge (if any) which is the damage coverage limits which are determined by the value of the shipment and the type of protection requested.