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The growth of the self-storage industry is due in large part by the reluctance of many moving and storage companies to be responsive to the changing needs of customers. The upside of self-storage is that customers basically have unlimited vision and access to their items. The downside is that the customers have to do all of the work themselves to enjoy these benefits. 

Arpin RI wants to re-write the script. Our white-glove storage service is the perfect alternative to traditional self-storage solutions for those looking for the benefits of having all of your items visible and available to you at any time, but can’t or don’t want to do any of the physical labor. The White Glove Storge service offers customers the added benefits of having all of their items: 

  • Wrapped in protective pads inside the home by fully trained, professional movers
  • Inventoried with a listing of everything stored along with images of each item
  • Seamlessly delivered back to the customer when those items are needed

Our white-glove service tracks all of your items with our two state-of-the-art technology programs; the Mobile Mover electronic inventory and Windfall Warehouse. With Mobile Mover, you receive an emailed inventory of each item stored along with access to images of each item. With Windfall, Arpin can track the location of each item in our warehouse down to the square foot. When you need an item, simply let us know, we’ll pull it,  and have it ready for pickup or we can deliver it right to your door.

Mobile Mover Electronic Image Inventory

The Mobile Mover e-inventory is completed paperlessly on an iPad. The Mobile Mo produces a printed inventory with images of each item. With the Mobile Mover inventory:

Every item placed into storage will be identified with a bar-coded numbering tag. Each tag has a unique code linked to for each customer making it virtually impossible to misplace an item.

Shipping Tape
Arpin agent inspecting boxes

Each numbered item will receive a detailed description on the inventory identifying the type, color, or style of the item. i.e. (Brown leather sofa)

Serial or model numbers will be scanned into the device and recorded next to the item on the inventory.

Arpin moving forms
Arpin moving forms

If the item is a carton packed by Arpin, its contents will be recorded. If the item is a carton packed by you, its contents will also be recorded provided you have properly labeled the item.

The condition of each item will be documented and any per-existing damages will be noted in plain English text.

Arpin moving forms
Arpin quality moving service

Each item will have its image(s) recorded by the device’s camera and the images will display on the final inventory.

When the inventory is completed and signed on the Pad, a PDF version of the e-inventory will be instantly emailed to you and a backup copy will be stored in the cloud indefinitely. Full-size images can be made available to customers free upon request.

At delivery, the crew will use a laser scanner to ensure all items are delivered and verified.

Arpin RI Moving agent with customer

Easy Access Plan for White Glove Storage Customers

Traditionally, moving companies have treated their storage shipments a bit like prisoners in solitary confinement. They have made it difficult for customers to access their items and made it cumbersome to remove them. Arpin of RI wants to turn that on its head with the Easy Access Plan. With the Easy Access Plan:

  • Arpin will micro-index the location of every stored article in our warehouse using its Windfall Warehousing software.
  • With the combination of the Mobile Mover inventory and Windfall, Arpin can now offer customers the ability to request that single items or a set of items be removed from their storage. Customers will get 1 free request to pull an item from storage for each quarter of the year the items are in storage…4 seasons…4 free requests. Each additional request per quarter for removal is a nominal fee. 

Once the items are pulled from your storage vaults, Arpin RI can either:

  • Hold these items for pick up by the customer…free. 
  • Make the items available for pick up by a potential buyer…free.
  • Make the items available for pick up by a charity…free.
  • Dispose of the items for you in the state landfill ($6.00 per 100 lbs.) 
  • Deliver the items locally to you or family.** 
  • Deliver the items to a purchaser.** 
  • Deliver the items to a charity.** 
  • Deliver these items to a consignment shop.**
  • Ship these items out of state.** 

** Separate shipping charges may apply.

Customers reviews

What Our Customers Say About Our Service

Very professional experience with an extremely helpful staff.
Robert From R.
I was extremely pleased with our residential move with Arpin of Rhode Island. Tom provided the initial quote for the move which was professional, competitive & accurate. Gabrielle coordinated the timing of the move & answered our many questions with kindness & patience. We were able to get boxes from the facility free of charge which was extremely helpful. Communication was excellent. Everything was timely, no waiting & wondering. Our moving professionals - Ron, Nick, Pierre & Johnny - were awesome. They were so helpful, professional & careful during the entire move! We had absolutely no damage to our homes or our personal items. Everything ran so smoothly & there were no surprises! Following the move, they picked up all the boxes & packing paper for a very reasonable fee. I would not hesitate for one second to use the services of Arpin for any future needs. I can’t say enough good things about the people and services. If you’re moving, give them a call. You won’t be disappointed!!
Sherry M.
I used Arpin moving services twice in the last 14 months. I requested the same crew for the 2nd move . All the guys were professional, courteous, and conscious of our new home. They laid blankets down on our carpets as it was raining on the day of our move. I would absolutely use them again.
Matthew I.
Care was taken in moving out and in of our belongings. Thank you for a smooth move!
Laurel H.
I really appreciate recycling materials and being able to get used boxes for packing. Moving day was efficient and my furnishings were well-cared for. I have used Arpin for all my moves and highly recommend them.
Susan W.
Super professional - handled our furniture with care: wrapped in blankets, ramps on every step. The men were friendly, polite and took pride in their work.
Dana S.
We received an estimate quickly and the final charge was even less. The three movers were professional and careful.
Christine W.
On-time, no damage and cooperative.
Roger D.
Checked in to pickup a load going to Miami FL. Immediately told to back into a door. Went inside the warehouse and James Trimble load me asap. Another gentleman helped but I didn’t get his name. Speed and efficiency is second to none. Great job guys!Large space to maneuver a 53ft trailer and able to park overnight on site.
ricardo L.
Great experience with the move! Team was friendly and professional. Easy process from beginning to end, from making appointment for the price quote with Customer Service, to the initial walk through for the price quote, to the end of the process of the movers showing up and moving. They were fast and efficient and even through a couple of deals/money off towards me and my Fiancé. I would highly recommend Arlin of Rhode Island to family and friends! Great Company!
Ryan H.
I was so impressed with the professional organizational skills of the three men who helped me move I could not have been happier. They worked very well together and made light of having to cover furniture and even left me with the covers so the furniture would not get ruined. They totally took control of moving from two different locations and knew of short cuts that were advantageous to me.
Joanne S.
At each step of the move, the Arpin team was helpful and friendly.From the availability of used(gently) moving boxes to offering tips for how we could save money on the move. The final cost for the move was significantly less than the estimate. We recommend Arpin to everyone we know considering a move.
Francis M.
The movers were hard working and professional. When something went wrong (I’ve moved many times and something always goes wrong) they took accountability and made it right. You can’t ask for more than that. Pricing was competitive and the service from their back office (Steve F. and team) was super. I would recommend them to my friends.
Rick S.
They were there when we needed them. Very professional moving us from a large storage unit to a a two floor townhouse. Arrived on time and finished early. Good two truck team with four movers. Adjusted final price downward as they completed the job earlier than anticipated. Fair and honest.
Barry M.
Everyone was very helpful, and friendly.
Ritchy A.
Great customer service!
Shari D.
Jim T and crew unloaded my trucks fast & efficiently .. Thanks guys
Darlene H.
Arpin was excellent, from initial contact and estimation through completion. They are trustworthy and professional, which makes them stand out in this industry. We used them multiple times for multiple moves and they never let us down.
Bill & Nancy W.
Liberty Moving and Storage/ Arpin of Rhode Island is a great place to work. I have been with them for almost 9 years. Great people
Jimmie D.
Having spent 28 years in the Army I have made many, many moves. The best moving experiences I have had is with Arpin. I just stood out of the way and they did it all. Three times I moved in NYC and it was incredible how the driver was able to maneuver the big rig 18-wheeler in some of the tightest spaces I have ever witnessed. As in all the moves with Arpin, the crew was totally professional and packed, then unpacked, my belongings with great care. Their techniques used to move the large items and a grand piano, demonstrates a very a high level of skill I have never witnessed with other DoD contracted movers. I will always call on Arpin of Rhode Island to move me again. I can't say enough good things about this excellent company and the crews they train to care my most precious belongs. Thanks guys; You know who you are.
John O.
My experience with Arpin of Rhode Island was a very positive one! The driver politely initiated the process, and everyone was extremely helpful and very professional! I would highly recommend using this them.
Anne L.
We contacted several large moving companies to select one to move us from RI to FL and selected Arpin based on pricing and initial service. They were fantastic! The packing crew and driver were so professional and careful with our items and our home. The delivery time was excellent, and the crew that delivered our furniture was just as great. I would highly recommend Arpin to everyone.
Amy M.
Great folks to work with and for...The last family owned carrier.
Skip A.
Nice new facade
Ron G.

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