Low-Ball estimate

A low-ball estimate is an estimate that has been purposely modified to deceive the customer with a lower price. Since the main component of an interstate shipment’s price is the linehaul, the overall price of the move can be manipulated by decreasing the linehaul. The linehaul can be unscrupulously lowered by simply understating the weight of the shipment. In the end, the salesperson can feign surprise and admit the mistake. However, unless the customer has a binding estimate or a not-to-exceed estimate, they will be liable for the new, higher move price. Having been in continuous operation for over 120 years, Arpin of RI does not, and has never, engaged in purposeful deception of customers by lowering shipment weight estimates, and therefore overall pricing, in an attempt to secure a booking. We have thrived all of these years by treating our customers ethically and honestly.