A survey is a pre-move activity where a moving representative creates a listing of the items to be moved and/or packed. Using this listing, the representative will create a price quote for the requested moving services. There are three ways for the rep to crate this listing; by visiting the residence in-person and see all of the items themselves, by an online meeting app on their phone, or by dictation over the phone. Arpin of RI always prefers to perform an in-person survey done by one of our salespeople. By visiting in-person, the rep can see the items close-up so they can make very accurate assessments of their weight and strength. In addition, they can also see the home layout, access points, and really spend quality time answering questions face to face. Short of an in-person survey, Arpin of RI also has an app similar to Face Time where the customer can lead a guided tour of the residence and the salesperson can ask questions in real time. Lastly, customers can describe their furnishing to the salesperson over the phone to create the survey.