Priority Relocation Service

Priority Relocation Service or PRS is an alternative method of interstate household goods transportation offered by Arpin Van Lines. Instead of using a standard moving van or tractor trailer, Priority Relocation Service uses individual shipping crates or liftvans to contain the shipment items. These plywood liftvans are hauled by a common freight carrier like Yellow, XPO, or Fed Ex Freight. Arpin of RI recommends the use of Priority Relocation Service when the shipment has some or all of the following characteristics:

  • The shipment is small (less than 3,000 lbs.)
  • It is going to a very out-of-the-way destination
  • It must arrive very quickly
  • It requires extreme sanitation or security
  • It will be stored in a warehouse when it arrives at destination. 

The liftvans that are used for Priority Relocation Service are approximately 7 ½ tall, 7 ½ feet long, and 3 ½ feet wide and have a door on the short side. A typical liftvan hold about 1,000 pounds. Shipment items inside the liftvan are wrapped in disposable export paper and cardboard since they will not be returning to RI. When loaded, liftvans are stenciled, secured with steel banding, and sealed with tamper resistant seals. 

Some of the advantages of Priority Relocation Service include: 

  • Extreme sanitation since all of the wrapping materials are virgin paper and carboard which are only used for a single move and then recycled. 
  • Extreme security since items are sealed in a tamper proof crate at your origin residence and are not accessed again until they are at your new residence. 
  • Extra protection since items are protected by an exoskeleton of plywood that virtually eliminates chances of movement or penetration.
  • Quicker transit times to long distance locations since PRS liftvans are shipped by common carriers. Common carriers travel consistent routes on a consistent schedule which makes transit scheduling very precise and predictable.

Some of the disadvantages of PRS include:

  • PRS is 10 to 20% more expensive that traditional moving depending of the destination. However, increased speed, convenience, and safety for any product or service are never a bargain. 
  • PRS may be inappropriate for shipments which contain hyper-delicate items since freight trucks do not have air-ride suspension like moving vans.  
  • PRS is absolutely inappropriate for shipment with very large, oversized items like kayaks, extension ladders, or rolled rugs. Freight companies charge a punitively high price for these types of oversized items and the shipping costs will be excessive.