Packing is the service where household items are wrapped in paper and packed into cartons for the move. Many customers conflate the terms packing and loading when it comes to moving services, but they are separate services. Packing involves placing smaller, more numerous items in to a lager container; think of packing a suitcase. Loading is the process of putting that packed container into the transporting vehicle; think of loading the trunk of the car with suitcases for a vacation. Professional interstate packing is priced two different ways; by the carton for a partial pack, or by the weight for a full pack. Arpin of RI uses the best packing materials and specialized cartons to ensure that everything we pack arrives at the destination in the same condition as origin. 

Customers can always pack their own items (called PBO; packed by owner) on any Arpin of RI move. Packing your own items can save the customer a significant amount of money. However, PBO items are not covered for breakage or loss under Arpin of RI’s valuation policy. Arpin of RI also has a hybrid service where the customer and Arpin of RI can work cooperatively to pack everything together.