Agreed Delivery Date Spread

The contract between the customer and Arpin RI is called the Order for Service of OFS. The OFS will stipulate the delivery date spread that has been agreed upon between Arpin RI and the customer. The length of the delivery spread and when the spread starts are determined by Arpin Van Lines’ corporate transit guide. That transit guide uses three factors: the day of the week the shipment loads, the distance between origin and destination, and the weight of the shipment. Small shipments that are traveling a long distance will have the longest delivery spreads while larger shipments going short distance will have the shortest spreads. Sundays and holidays are not counted as transit days and the delivery spread cannot begin or end on a Sunday or holiday.

For example, Arpin RI loads your shipment from RI to FL (5, 000 lbs. going 1,100 miles) on a Wednesday, the 1st of the month. The transit guide says the delivery spread is 5 to 9 days. Day one of the transit clock begin on the day following the load, Thursday the 2nd. Counting 5 days from the second and excluding Sunday, the first day to expect delivery is Tuesday the 7th. The last day to expect delivery, or the required delivery date or RDD, is Saturday the 11th. Arpin RI will always try to deliver on the day that is best for you within this spread. Your salesperson or Arpin RI’s staff will always discuss the transit times and your preferred delivery date with you in advance.