Storage-In-Transit (SIT)

Storage in transit or SIT, is the temporary storage of items during the course of an interstate move; either pending further transportation or waiting to be delivered to the final destination. SIT occurs on the origin end only about 10% of the time and on the destination end the remaining about 90% of the time. Typically, the reasons for SIT include, an incomplete search for a home, remodeling, issues with a closing, or some other structural delay to the move schedule. Since SIT is just a continuation of the interstate move, all items in SIT are still covered under the transit valuation selected when loading. However, SIT is limited to 180 days and then it converts to permanent or long-term storage. The valuation will also convert at that same time to the local state storage rules in effect in that state. Arpin of RI will discuss all the possible logistical advantages of SIT at origin or destination so our customers will receive the best service, convenience, protection, and value.