Less-than-Truckload or LTL

When Arpin of RI and the customer agree that using Arpin Van Lines’ Priority Relocation Service or crating and freighting is the best transportation option for this shipment, the fright hauling of the crates will be LTL. In most of the world, the greater services you purchase, the greater your discount for the entire service. LTL freight carriers operate a bit differently. With LTL, the price to ship each liftvan increases as the number of liftvans increases. The sweet spot for the most economical number of liftvans to ship is usually about four (4) liftvans at a time, otherwise the composite price for all of them gets too large. For example, if your shipment consisted of six (6) liftvans, Arpin of RI would get a lower price by using two different trucking carriers; each hauling three (3) liftvans each rather than putting all six on the same carrier. This adds some complexity to the timing of the move since both companies may not move them at the same pace. However, since both sets of containers are destined for the same warehouse, keeping track of everything is quite easy.