Late Delivery

An interstate shipment is considered late when, through no fault of the customer, the shipment has not been delivered by the required delivery date or the RDD. When a shipment is first booked, the salesperson will specify the delivery spread or delivery window. The length of the delivery spread and when the spread starts are determined by Arpin Van Lines’ internal transit guide. That transit guide uses three factors: the day of the week the shipment loads, the distance between origin and destination, and the weight of the shipment. The last day of the delivery spread is called the RDD. The carrier must deliver the shipment by the end of the last day of the spread. If the RDD is missed, under most circumstances the customer will be eligible for reimbursement of hotel and meal monies up to a specified limit. Arpin of RI places an enormous emphasis of delivering customers shipments on, or as close as humanly possible, to the date the customer requests.