Accessorial Service

An accessorial service is any potential moving related services that are requested by the customer or required by law. The potential additional services may include: packing, unpacking, extra labor, appliance servicing/reservicing, extra pick-up, extra delivery, overtime loading, overtime delivery, parking permits, ferry charges, waiting time, crating, shuttles at origin, hoisting, 3rd party appliance servicing or de-servicing, excessive long carries, piano charges, bulky articles, weight additives, and etc.

These accessorial services are optional and specific to each shipment. Accessorial charges are usually necessitated by specific need, state, city, or town regulations, weather, or civil edict. (Such as shuttle services due to a severe snow storm limiting access your property or use of a licensed plumber to disconnect a gas appliance.)

Arpin RI may charge additional fees for these services above and beyond the base transportation charge. Arpin RI will always make every attempt to identify these charges in advance so the customer can make the final decision to order them or find alternative solutions. Regardless of the circumstances, Arpin RI will never charge extra for shuttles at your destination residence if the truck cannot access your home.