Access To The Residence

Access to a residence is defined as the ability to place the truck within a reasonable distance of the residence; home, apartment, or condo. In moving, the unit of distance that is used as a base or standard distance for locating the truck near the residence is 75 feet. The first 75 are included in the price. Each 75-foot increment thereafter is considered one “long carry” or 150 feet total. While each shipment location is unique, most carriers will request a shuttle if the distance from truck exceeds 250-300 feet. Many factors affect accessibility such as road width, local ordinances, vegetation, weight capacity, terrain, building placement, visibility issues, and etc. Arpin RI will always make every attempt to identify these excess distance situations in advance so the customer can make the final decision to order them or find alternative solutions. Regardless of the circumstances, Arpin RI will never charge extra for shuttles at your destination residence if the truck cannot access your home.