Weight Ticket

A weight ticket is the paper receipt from the facility that weighed the truck. The truck/van, or truck and trailer will be weighed before and after the shipment is loaded. The paper weight ticket is used to determine the net billable weight and it becomes part of the historical shipment paperwork. In most instances if the same scale is used for the tare and gross weights, there will be only one weight ticket. However, some shipments may have 2, 3 or more weight tickets depending on how many trucks we used. Carriers are obligated to only use certified scales operated by certified weighmasters for interstate shipments. To be a valid weight ticket, it must have the following information; the name of the scale house, date, time, truck info, name and signature of the weigh master, and of course, the weight amounts. Arpin of RI uses the Fairbanks FB 6000 weight ticket system for all of its weights.