A warehouse is a large building for the storge of HHG, merchandise, and equipment. Modern warehouse utilizes vaulted or palletized storage, that is, all of the HHG are stored inside large plywood plywood vaults.  Unlike a mini-storage where items are stacked into a large garage area, professional warehouse like Arpin of RI uses plywood vaults to store their customer’s goods. Each numbered vault is approximately 7’ tall by 7’ deep by 5’ wide. The vault has a pallet bottom and it is designed to be moved around and stacked with a forklift; hence the name palletized. In Arpin of RI’s cavernous warehouse, over 500 vaults are stored three high, in deep stacks, in long, long rows. Once items are loaded into the vault, they are effectively sealed from outside air flow, contaminates, and an unauthorized access. Shipments are loaded and unloaded using docks in the warehouse. Arpin of RI’s West Warwick warehouse has two huge peninsula docks, two ramp doors, and 16 loading docks