A reweight is a second weighing of the shipment at destination that is used to verify the original weight. Customers may request a reweigh if they suspect that the original weight was somehow flawed by mechanical malfunction, use of two scales, or weather factors such as snow accumulation. At origin, the truck is weighed before and after loading to determine the net billable weight. With a reweigh, the truck will be weighted full and then again after it is emptied. Due to the fact that a second net weight cannot be determined until after the shipment is fully unloaded, customers will have to pay their original bill in full to begin delivery. If the reweigh and original weights are different, the customer will be charged the lesser of the two weights and the customer will be credited any monies due by the carrier. The carrier may charge the customer for the costs associated with a reweigh if the net reweigh amount is more than the original.