A liftvan is a plywood crate used to transport HHGs using a freight carrier, train, or an ocean-going ship rather than a traditional furniture van. A liftvan is approximately 7 ½ tall, 7 ½ feet long, and 3 ½ feet wide and has a door on the short side. A typical liftvan hold about 1,000 pounds. Shipment items on a moving van are wrapped with reusable furniture pads. However, since a liftvan is a one-way trip, all items are wrapped in disposable export paper and cardboard since they will not be returning. When loaded, liftvans are stenciled, secured with steel banding, and sealed with tamper resistant seals. Arpin of RI recommends the use of liftvans when the shipment has some or all of the following characteristics: the shipment is small, it is going to a very out-of-the-way destination, it must arrive very quickly, extreme sanitation/security is required, or it will be stored in the warehouse when it arrives at destination.