Bill of Lading signing requirements

The bill of lading is the contract that authorizes Arpin RI to transport your household goods over state lines. A bill of lading has several parts and requires input by the customer at both origin and destination. At origin, the customer will have to:

Page 1.

  • Sign and date that they had an opportunity to designate items as “Items of Extraordinary Value” and add them, or have the driver add them, to the Extraordinary value form.


  • Make the official declaration of the type of valuation they’re choosing; Released valuation or Full Value Replacement (FVR)
  • If they chose Released Valuation (60¢/lb.), they must initial that they are waiving their right to purchase FVR valuation, sign and date that they are waiving the FVR and that they have received all of the Federally mandated documents (Rights and responsibilities When You Move).
  • If they chose FVR, they must write in their assessed value and initial next to the deductible they are selecting.

Page 3.

  • Initial that they have read all of the terms and conditions on page 3.

At destination, the customer will have to sign a delivery acknowledgement on the bottom of page 1.

Read the Bill of Lading very carefully, double-check all the details, and make sure you understand and agree with all the provisions in it before signing it. If you have any questions that the driver is unable to answer, feel free to reach out to Arpin RI’s office staff at 401-825-6600.