Unpacking is the process of opening moving boxes and crates, unwrapping the items, placing those items on the nearest flat surface (beds, tables, counter tops, etc.), and disposal of the packing material and carton debris. Keep in mind that the unpacking service is just the removal of the items from the cartons, not the organization of those unpacked items on shelves or in closets. Unpacking and unloading are commonly used interchangeably but they are two different processes. Unloading is removing all of the items out of the truck and placing them into the residence, while unpacking is removing the contents of the cartons. Pricing for unpacking is almost always on a per-carton basis since almost no one requests a 100% full unpack. Arpin of RI can advise customers on a case-by-case basis what items are best unpacked by the movers and what items are best unpacked by customers. Arpin of RI also offer a debris pickup service so customer who unpack don’t have to deal with the hassle of recycling all of the moving boxes.