Reasonable Dispatch

Reasonable dispatch is a legal term defining the period of time agreed upon by the customer and the carrier for picking up, transporting, and delivering the shipment. The agreed delivery date and statement of estimated charges are noted on the Bill of Lading or BOL. The carrier must make final delivery of the shipment withing the agreed delivery date for the agreed price or face legal and/or financial consequences. The mover cannot hold the shipment hostage for more monies or place the shipment into storage if the customer has complied with all of the provisions of the BOL. If the mover cannot make final delivery by the required date, they have not completed reasonable dispatch and the customer has legal recourse. The only exception to this rule is when a civil emergency is declared such as an impending hurricane and travel is not allowed causing us to miss the required delivery date or RDD. Arpin of RI prides itself on 120+ years of honest, ethical, and reliable service to their customers.