Loading a home is the most complex, multi-disciplined processes is the transportation industry. It requires the synchronization of many people, the use of trucks, tools, and equipment, and the utilization of many diverse technical skills. Let’s take a look at how Arpin of RI loads. First, the truck must be skillfully driven to the residence and positioned properly to efficiently load the HHG, ensure worker safety, and maintain proper traffic flow and safety. Next, items must be inventoried and their condition documented. At the same time, other Arpin of RI workers are preparing and protecting the floors and walls of the residence with protective materials. Next, the furniture items must be artfully removed from the residence in just the right order to satisfy the load supervisor; the driver. It takes enormous skill to properly remove items for a residence without damage to the items themselves or the structure. Once on the truck, each item must be carefully wrapped and incorporated into the load. Imagine an enormous game of Tetris as the driver carefully builds tiers. (Vertical piles of furniture and cartons inside the truck) All along, the driver must manage his work force to keep them on task and maintain the schedule. Additionally, the driver must maintain constant communication with the customer to ensure all of their needs and concerns are addressed. Finally, the driver must secure the items in the truck to prevent movement as they travel.

All in all, the loading process of a customer’s residence requires the coordinated efforts of an entire organization to perform well; drivers and crew as well as sales, customer service, dispatch, warehouse, mechanical, and technical personnel. Arpin of RI has been providing this high level of synchronized moving service to their customers for over 120 years.