Full Value Replacement Valuation (FVR)

Full value replacement or FVR is a valuation option whereby the carrier assumes liability for the full cost of repairs or the replacement of any lost or damaged goods without any deduction for depreciation. As the full value replacement name suggests, should an item be irreparably damaged or lost, the carrier will;

  • Repair the item and restore it to the same condition as before the move or pay you for the equivalent cost of those repairs.
  • Or replace the item with one of equal quality or features or pay you the equivalent cost of the replacement.

FVR is the valuation option recommended by Arpin of RI and most interstate customers choose FVR valuation. Full Value valuation offers several different deductibles from $0 to $1,000 in $250 increments. As with similar products, the higher the deductible, the lower the cost. Before the shipment is loaded, the Arpin of RI driver will ask the customer to declare whether they want released or FVR valuation If they choose FVR, they will have to declare both a maximum shipment value and a deductible. Once the truck leaves the origin address, the valuation selections cannot be changed.