Historically, drayage was the local movement of goods from the port to their final destination using a horse drawn wagon. In the age of railroads, drayage was the local transport and delivery of goods from the RR station to homes and stores. In 1900, Arpin of RI was founded as a local one-horse drayage company delivering household goods from the station to people’s homes. In modern trucking, drayage is the short distance movement of some or all of a shipment to facilitate the longer distance move. For example, you’re moving from West Greenwich and a large tractor trailer cannot navigate to your home. Arpin of RI will use a smaller truck that can fit in the driveway to transport the shipment back to the warehouse so it can be transfer onto to the larger road truck. There is a separate extra charge for drayage based on the weight and the county that the service takes place in.