Crating is the process of building either a solid wooden box or a slatted skeleton box to protect delicate or valuable items during transit. Typically, Arpin of RI will crate items that:

  • Are too heavy for a corrugated carton such as marble, slate, or stone.
  • Are too long for a corrugated carton such as glass table tops or large TVs.
  • Are too large for a corrugated carton such as antiques, clocks, of sculptures.

Depending on the size and complexity of the item, Arpin RI may crate it themselves or engage the services of a 3rd party crating company to build and crate the items. The cost for a crate is based on its volume as measured in cubic feet.

Generally, all items that are crated at origin will have to be uncrated at origin. There is also an extra cost to uncrate and remove the crating debris.