The delivery of an interstate move covers several compulsory services that are included in the standard shipping quote:

  • Transporting a shipment to the designated destination.
  • Unloading the goods into the residence and placing them on a one-time basis in a position requested by the customer. As a general rule, crews will not go into attics or storage areas that do not have a floor, a permanent stairway, adequate ventilation, or adequate lighting.
  • Working cooperatively with the customer to check off the inventory to verify the presence and condition of the shipment items.
  • Reassembly of all furniture items disassembled at origin.
  • Unpacking/uncrating of all cartons that have been pre-paid in advance. Unpacking of items is defined as removal of the items and placing the items on the nearest horizontal surface as directed by the customer.

Delivery services DO NOT include the following services. However, Arpin of RI will provide these services for a fee if requested. These services may include:

  • Hoisting or rigging items through windows, over balconies, or other multi-story locations. These services have additional charges and may require a 3rd party specialist.
  • Moving existing residence items out of the residence to make room for the shipment items. Movement of these items may be requested for additional fees.
  • Reassembling items which have been disassembled by the customer, a 3rd party, or those with missing or damaged parts.
  • Reconnecting water, gas, or propane lines.
  • Reinstalling light fixtures, shelving, art work, mirrors, curtain rods, or any other items physically attached to the residence’s structure.
  • Reconnecting wires for TV, stereo, computers, or any other home electronics.
  • Any activity that the driver feels creates an unacceptable risk of injury or damage to attempt.