Transportation Methods

There are basically two methods of transporting HHG interstate; standard padded van and Priority Relocation service. Each transport method possesses unique benefits and liabilities. With a traditional padded van, Arpin of RI workers come to your home and load all of your items onto a specialized moving truck. The truck is driven to the new location (or storage) and unloaded by the same or different Arpin personnel. The benefits of using traditional padded van service is that there is continuity of service with the same company handling the move from start to finish, communication is usually much better since there are no intermediates to deal with, and you have recourse against a single entity if things do not go well.  

Priority Relocation Service or PRS is an alternative method of interstate transportation of household goods offered by Arpin Van Lines. Priority Relocation Service uses individual shipping crates or liftvans to house the shipment items and the liftvans are hauled by a common freight carrier like Fed Ex Freight. The liftvans that are used for Priority Relocation Service are approximately 7 ½ tall, 7 ½ feet long, and 3 ½ feet wide and have a door on the short side. A typical liftvan hold about 1,000 pounds. Some of the advantages of PRS include better sanitation since all of the wrapping materials are single use, there is extra security since the liftvans are hyper-sealed, and transit times for very long-distance moves are more predictable.