A carrier is moving services provider whose authority is being used to haul the shipment.

In the trucking industry, authority is analogous to a liquor license for a caterer. It is a state or federal issue permit to perform work that is “owned”. The work conducted under this authority is subject to oversight by the issuing authority and can be revoked for poor performance or infractions. With a caterer, the liquor license is mobile and can be used at multiple locations simultaneously.  The same is true for trucking, the authority is not tied to a truck or a venue, it is tied to the organization that owns it.

There are four different authorities that can be used when moving with Arpin RI and/or Liberty M/S.

  • Arpin RI owns a local authority issued by the RI Public Utilities Commission. Any hourly local move performed inside (or nearby) the State of RI uses this authority. Arpin RI is the carrier and they handle all claims. RI Motor Carrier # 2740
  • Liberty M/S owns a local authority issued by the Commonwealth of Mass. Any hourly moving performed inside of MA uses this authority. Liberty is the carrier and they will handle all claims. M.D.T.E # 31005
  • Arpin RI/Liberty own a 48-state interstate authority. Due to the bylaws of its relationship with Arpin Van Lines, Arpin Van Lines’ authority must be used for interstate all interstate moves. AVL’s FMCSA number is 1108840
  • All interstate moves that are done by Arpin RI are performed using Arpin Van Lines’ interstate authority. Arpin Van Lines is the carrier of record and they settle all damage claims. FMCSA 707191